With increasing capacity and investment, AXENT is the ideal OEM partner for your ceramic projects. The choice of material, style and technology is yours. AXENT’s manufacturing and flushing system expertise gives you numerous options and a competitive advantage in performance and functionality. Bring us your designs or have AXENT’s world-class designers from the United States, France and Switzerland create new expressions for you. Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology including:

  • Specially formulated slip and glaze to offer the highest quality products
  • FFC production lines from Europe
  • Easy clean technology

Toilet Seats

We have extensive experience in toilet seat design and can provide prototypes in less than 10 days. After your approval, it takes just 45 days for us to deliver initial production. A total product development timeline of approximately 90 days is world-class performance. We offer highly-decorative solid wood, molded wood, UV and PP plastic seats.

Depending on the material and your requirements, our toilet seats are:

  • UV resistant
  • Impervious to cigarette burns
  • Anti-bacterial protected (if required)
  • Friendly to the environment and skin

Bidet Seats

We proudly present the revolutionary AXENT bidet seat collection.
AXENT bidet seats are not only technically advanced but also a real eye catcher. With various designs and sizes we cater for a wide spectrum of toilet bowls, which allows hassle-free assembly. With AXENT bidet seats you will always feel clean and refreshed. Water cleans, refreshes and revitalizes the body and soul. And, it is extremely gentle on the skin.

AXENT bidet seats are the ultimate feel-good experience.

Fill & Flush Valve

AXENT offers a complete range of valves including the best choice for your local needs. Compact and reliable, our fill valves are compatible with all existing applications at an excellent price – performance ratio. Much of AXENT’s research is dedicated to water efficiency through innovative product design. For example, AXENT’s complete range of flush valves using the soft touch 3” technology and unique dual-flush 3” flush valve provide better flush performance and high-efficiency water savings.

  • Wide pressure range (0.1-10 bar)
  • Universal connections (3/8”, 1⁄2” and UNF in plastic and brass)
  • Easy installation
  • 2.5” and 3” flush valves in various versions
  • Huge selection of push button designs
  • Over 10 million fill valves sold every year


  • EN (Europe)
  • NF (France)
  • WRAS (United Kingdom)
  • IAPMO (United States)
  • Watermark (Australia)
  • JC (China)
  • SASO (Saudi Arabia)

Concealed Cistern

All concealed cistern and mounting elements are pre-fabricated units, complete with accessories such as angle-stop valve, PE connectors and fixing material. We offer a range from which the ideal plate can be selected to fit into your customer’s individual bathroom. AXENT concealed frameless cisterns are also ideal for installation inside a brick wall or surface-mounted on a masonry-lined wall.

  • Saves water – with AXENT dual flush
  • The toilet bowl is bolted simply and securely to the installation element
  • Sturdy construction – The wall-hung bowl stays firmly in place and can handle weights up to 400 kg
  • Accessible for maintenance
  • Blow-molded cistern guaranteed not to leak